Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Barrel of Water

Lately, my life has had a few curves and detours. And my baby has been along for the ride experiencing a little more than what I wanted her too. But never the less she deals with it gracefully (as any 7 year old can). Yesterday, it kind of came to a breaking down point for me through a single gesture of thoughtfulness.

We had arrived home as we always do and my daughter instantly started her homework. After, that was done she helped me prepare dinner. Once we ate, I instructed her to clean her room up. As always her happy little comment was "can I vacuum the floor too?” Ever since she conquered her fear of the vacuum cleaner it has been no stopping her. LOL So without instruction, she began to vacuum the floor in the living room as well. In that moment my eyes whelped up and I gave her a big huge and told her thank you for being considerate enough to do that without being asked to do so. She smiled and said "you're welcome, mommy". Now, looking back I realize that I was a BIG BARREL OF WATER yesterday. LOL....Enjoy your day!


Paula McDade said...


This is a great blog and such encouragement for other single moms. I am touched by your willingness to be transparent with others about your journey. Also, I wanted to thank you personally for your support. I hope that your daughter enjoys the book. Wishing you a very special Mother's Day!

Your Facebook Friend,
Paula McDade

Paula McDade said...
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