Monday, March 29, 2010

Overwhelming Love

I have taken a small break from this blog. I have not been feeling well, which was a prelude to me having a cyst burst on my ovaries (Again). If any of you have ever experienced this, it is a pain like no other. I would have rather did NATURAL child-birth again. YES, I said it! NATURAL! Even though I was in so much pain, my guiding light was my 7-year-old. From that morning trying to get her dress she was more concerned with me being okay. When thinking about how much a child loves their parents that they think unselfishly about them when they are hurt, makes me say that we as adults can take a page out of the CHILDREN’S NOTEBOOK OF LIFE!

To give my daughter a small glimpse into just how much she has affected my life and just how much I appreciate her, I wrote this letter to her titled: You mean the World!

How do I begin to explain my un-defining love and appreciation I have for you little one? You were never planned, but you were expected. You were foretold to me months before I knew you existed; yet I felt as if you were with me always. I feel like you came into my life to give me direction back to the path God had laid out, you gave me a purpose and most of all you filled me with so much LOVE!

As a parent I look at you and see a beautiful and intelligent little girl who I want to succeed based on her choices, wants and beliefs in life. My prayer and fear is that I can give back to you an ounce of what you bring to me on a daily basis. As a single parent, I worry so much about small and big things in regards to our life. But each and every time I look into your eyes you bring a brightness to my soul.

Our bond did not begin after you were born, that unbreakable bond that we have was created before I laid my eyes upon you! You stick by me through sickness and good times. You are always understanding, you are never un-thoughtful, and you are always willing to help. What more could a mother ask for? You are not perfect, nor do you try to be; but with all your imperfections you give your all when it comes to ME!

I hope and I pray that I can be as great of a mother to you as a GREAT of a daughter you are to me!


Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

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