Friday, November 5, 2010

Strength of a Mother

The test of my mommy patience and strength was tested this past Tuesday! My daughter is going through precocious puberty (this is another thing that I am trying to learn about and deal with) at 7 years old and had to have testing done at a local hospital’s outpatient surgical center. The test was about 4 hours and she had to fast prior to the test (the beginning of a monster – a hungry kid). I can not begin to put my day into words; therefore here is the schedule of the events that took place:

5:15a.m. - Alarm goes off and our day started off                                           
6:40a.m. - We leave the house with destination hospital in sight!

8:00a.m. - Nurse calls munchkin back

8:35a.m. - Bone density X-ray taken (this was quick and easy)

9:15a.m. - It took 4 people (me and three nurses) to hold my daughter so that she could get her IV.

10:00a.m. - She cries that she is hungry and needs to eat NOW!

10:35a.m. - She begin to cry louder that she needs to eat NOW!

This small schedule is just a glimpse of what I had to contend with on that day. Every thirty minutes, blood was taken and after 4 hours of my daughter crying and being insistent that she needed to eat; it was over! 1:3 never looked so good! I could have hugged the clock in a momentous embrace. She was able to eat finally and the monster went away and my sweet baby girl reappeared. After arriving home I needed a nap, I felt like I was a preschooler who missed their nap!

My daughter has an unhealthy fear of needles; SOMETIMES! It is a weird situation where she is deadly afraid sometimes and less fearful other times. How do I begin to break her of this fear, knowing that this will not be her final meeting with a needle? Any suggestions, please?


Anonymous said...

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Jen M said...

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Mrs. K said...

Sounds like a challenging day. I hope tomorrow is better for you guys :) Regarding your daughter's fear of needles, not quite sure if it's age appropriate or not. Maybe it would help if she had to see you get blood drawn (whenever you go to the doctor) and she can see that her mommy takes it well. Although I must say that I'm an adult who works in the medical field and I hate needles. I don't mind sticking someone else I just don't like the idea of a sharp object piercing my skin. That's why I can't get another piercing. I got my ears pierced as a baby thank God. LOL

Inspire All said...

@Mrs. K...Thanks for the advice. I tried having her watch me for years. But that does not make a difference to her, she is like "NO mommy". I can understand her fear, like you said you are in the medical field and do not like them. I will continue to pray and work with her. Thank you once again and have a great weekend!

Emma Michaels said...

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Quiskaeya said...

Oh goodness do I understand about the monster that a kid transforms into when they are hungry. LOL I have to say, I'm a wimp when it comes to needles as well. She may out grow her fear then again she might not. The funny thing is that my 9 year wasn't afraid of needles until last year (8yo). He would bravely take the needle when I would wince in pain for him. Sometimes, I fear that maybe I made him afraid of needles because he'd see my reaction.