Friday, December 10, 2010

Furious Mom!

It is probably true what they say that boys are easier than girls to raise. On any other day I would said give me my girls any day, but today I have a more indifferent feeling. Today, my thinking is like no other, I am furious with my daughter, because of her mouth (that most of time gets her in trouble and grounded). For years, my daughter has always viewed my brother as a child or playmate; because he has been that playful uncle, instead of the authoritarian that he should have been all alone. Now that my brother has graduated college and has grown up tremendously, he expects for the transition to be easy, and unfortunately it is not.

Today was proof of that. She asked his girlfriend inappropriate questions and spoke to him as if he was a friend. The problem with this is that my brother does not say anything to her; he just comes back and speaks to either me or my mother about it. I have spoke to her about this issue as well as grounded her; still the result was the same (evidence today). Now, I am about to start something new, RESPECT is do or nothing will be GIVEN! How do you think this will go over with her? Pray for me, this is uncharted territory for me with this little/big girl!


Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, welcome to my world...I have 2 boys and 1 girl and wouldn't flip it the other way for all the money in the world...My daughter is 14 and full speed in the mouthy attitude phase...although I admit, she got that from me. LOL

Inspire All said...

@Boobies..She only seems to do it to my brother. I guess that is her way of saying I love and adore you, uncle. But I can honestly say she gets it from him, not me! Maybe it is a little payback to him from when he was small..LOL....But in any case, this is something I am having to get use to and having a time with trying to get under wraps...LOL...All in all you have to love them.

Shantay said...

Hmm, I have this problem with my 5 year old son. In his mind he is an adult and talks to my brothers also as if he were an adult. My 9 year old daughter,on the other hand, is great in this respect. The only issue I seem to have with her is with "pouting."

I agree that respect is due or nothing will be given. I think this works along with a little redirection. Boundaries plus redirection= positive change.

Inspire All said...

@Shantay..You are correct boundaries are necessary. I have to work with my brother as well as my daughter to get him to set those standards with her so that she treats him as an adult and not her equal. Because when I set them and he does not follow it, it never works in respect to him. So this continues to be something that is in progress....Thank you for stopping by my blog..