Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guest Blogger: Relationships by BalanceJ

There’s nothing like spending quality time with your kids. Today I spent time with my two beautiful daughters; we took a nice bike ride around the neighborhood and played catch in the front yard and it didn’t cost me a dime. As a neighbor was driving by, he stopped to reminisce when his father played catch with him. Here’s a middle age male talking about how those were some of his best memories with his father.

As parents, we think it takes extravagant trips or buying nice things to woe our kids; however there’s nothing further from the truth. There’s nothing better than the simple moments; they are usually free and the one’s kids remember most.

It saddens me to know that there are kids out there who don’t have a father and/or mother playing their part because of whatever excuse they use. Kids are truly the future; they come into the world as a blank sheet of paper waiting to be filled with nothing but positive encouragement. All it takes is time. If you don’t fill that void, someone else will be it positive or negative.

I love my two daughters to death and couldn’t imagine living without them. So the next time you check your wallet or purse and don’t find anything in it, just remember that all kids really want is your time and attention.

I challenge you to spend at least an hour a day with your child doing simple activities for one week; activities such as board games, playing catch, going for a walk, or riding a bike are just a few simple ideas. Let me know the outcome. Don’t be surprised 10 years from now your kid talks about those moments.

***BalanceJ is a guest blogger whose blog is geared toward helping others balance their life from spiritual through mental health.  He is a married father of two, who seeks to better the lives of others, one person at a time.  Check out his blog (click on his name) and let him know what you think and where you heard about him.

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