Monday, April 6, 2009

Teaching Me About Pain

Yesterday’s Sunday school lesson was about Jesus’ crucifixion and how we enjoy the life that we have because he died for our sins. Pain was also discussed as a vivid occurrence by saying that we all endure some type of pain before we experience joy!

This statement started me to reflect upon the birth of my daughter. I went through a natural delivery, impacted by back labor which caused me to feel as if my back was breaking into many pieces. But at the exact moment my daughter was able to open her eyes and grace upon the light of my room that pain became a distant memory. Joy filled my soul! As I look back on the pain that I thought would be etched in my brain with the association of child birth, it was replaced at that exact moment with unbridled bliss!

With the topic of pain, I take a page out of my 6 year olds book and aspire to obtain a portion of her resilience and loving nature and tailor it to myself. I look at the times when my daughter has been her sickest and she always mustard up enough energy to say “mommy are you okay” or “I Love You, mommy” or just walk into the next room to be under me. For me, children have a natural disregard for themselves when it comes to the bond that they have with their parents. They posses a desire to overlook their pain to make sure that we are experiencing joy and not pain.

As my daughter gets older, I see the life lessons that God has laid before me to bestow upon her. But I am also learning through her some lessons of my own that I have forgotten as time went on.

We never stop learning, until we die! Take time out one day and observe your children; they may have a lesson for you.

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